This weekend we have seen three blog post about our Friday event. Laila, one of our organisers, summed up her Social Media Week experiences in this post. Louise has taken the idea of Google+ hangouts and created her own event so do join her next Friday on Google Plus – for more details please read her post. James was really good in sharing his feedback on Twitter on the day and has already posted his thoughts on the content of the barcamp, but also on the event itself here.  We really, really appreciate all this feedback and as we are waiting for more post we are also starting to put together ideas and recommendations for the next event. As mentioned on Friday, to help us organise a bigger, better and louder event please share all your thoughts on-line!

We have collected all Instagram photos here so you can connect – do check all the registration posts there and on Pinterest too. We have also created a Flickr group for you to add your photos to! Use it!

I will be putting together my personal write up, response to feedback on my blog and I hope to see your posts too!

Thank you for joining us on Friday!


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