Sylwia Presley is the founder of Barcamp Nonprofits. A social media strategist and word of mouth marketer with experience at 1000heads with major brands like Nokia, Toshiba, Castro, Sylwia previously worked for Cemex, TATA and Nokia, currently specialising in social media for nonprofits. Funder of Barcamp Nonprofits. Author for Global Voices Online. Oxford organiser of Twestival and Girl Geek Dinners. Interested in safe Internet practice for children she is currently working on Barcamp Kids in Tech and initiating Oxford Coding Dojo. Co-funder of Barcamp Transparency UK, also contributing to Technology for Transparency Network. Google fellow to Personal Democracy Forum Europe 2010. Winner of European Blogging Competition THINK3, THINK4 and THINK5. Blogger over at and MyLittleCoffeePlace.